BEL Officers Colony

REACHA’s association with BEL Officers Club (BOC), Ghaziabad, was initiated in the year 2001 through the setting up of the CHILDRENS MAITREYA CLUB (CMC) for children at the BOC premises. The function of such clubs is two-fold:

Involve children in various group activities (magazine development, energy & environment conservation, learning to play a sport/game seriously, develop reading habits etc.) so as to inculcate a strong value-based personality in every child and,
Help children to choose careers over a period of time - which are in tune with their talents and aptitudes.

The Maitreya Club at BOC, Ghaziabad, organizes the following activities for children and their parents :

  • Fortnightly (1st and 3rd Sunday) personality development workshops for children.
  • Quarterly parents’ workshops for counseling, feedback assessment and special lectures by intellectuals.
  • Theatre and acting lessons for children.
  • Bi-weekly cricket coaching for children.
  • Annual Maitreya Picnic ”Sair Sapata” for parents and children.
  • Songs, music, dance and jhanki presentations by children, for functions like Annual Day, Musical Nite, Jana-maashtami celebrations, Desshera Ram-Leela, Christmas and Id etc.
  • A special room for Childrens Maitreya Club was also established at the BOC, to assist children in their overall development.
  • “Brainstormers” Quiz series every month.
  • Story-telling sessions conducted by volunteer-parents.
  • Children in the BEL Colony premises carry out tree plantations as well.

The uniqueness of these activities is that in all of them it is parents who volunteer to help and guide the children. This epitomizes the true spirit of maitreya – where both parents and children join hands to bring about positive social change in small localities and neighborhoods. REACHA’s perception with regard to these clubs is that if children are nurtured on the basis of sound, time-tested values like honesty, hard work, compassion & love for all creation, discipline, sense of pride in ones’ culture etc., then the effort would go a long way in developing a more humane society. This, in turn, would be a small step in NATIONAL RE-GENERATION. Parents, too, learn from children and in the process of engaging with them through this forum their transformation would also follow. The response of both parents as well as children has been very encouraging, and REACHA is in the process of initiating more such clubs in other colonies of Delhi and the NCR.


This activity is essentially an extension of the concept of SAMEER CLUBS that is “school and institution” based, while the MAITREYA CLUB is “neighborhood” based.

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