Environment Week 2008

Report on Environment Week

21stApril – 25th April 2008**

Delhi Public School, Amritsar celebrated ‘The Environment Week’ from 21st April 2008 to 25th April 2008. Our mother earth is crying for assistance. It’s perennial capacity is strained to the point of almost no return. Therefore, we all resolved to have a closer look at the contemporary perspective. Our school sincerely stands for 2 R’s i.e. Recycle and Reuse.


Students from all classes participated and cooperated in full spirit in this endeavour. Teachers walked an extra mile to ensure that the students understand their surroundings well and become well-accustomed to the need of the hour. The event started with oath-taking ceremony where students declared that, ‘We, the children of today and leaders of tomorrow hereby solemnly resolve to make the earth a greener, cleaner and happier place to live in.’ Students realized the grim changes brought by Industrial Revolution.

The AIM OF THE E – WEEK was to develop a sensitivity among the students regarding the irreversible damages done by mankind. The tender hands of class I and II brought seedlings to be planted in the school premises. They were full of energy in spreading greenery all round. Classes III, IV and V made good use of waste material by converting old newspapers into ‘Paper and Jute Bags’. Another activity known as ‘Kick Me Out’ was truly exciting. Students collected polybags from every nook and corner to make a huge ball of it only to kick it away for good. Students pledged not to use polybags ever and also to discourage others who still find it a useful commodity. Our school is a ‘No – Plastic Zone’. ‘Energy-Savers’ were appointed to save Electricity. The activity ‘Learn and Earn through Environment’ made students colour the charts with different textures regarding environment and to be put on placards. Creativity was at its peak when ‘Poster-making competition’ was held on the topic ‘Natural Disaster’. Another feather in the cap was the activity called ‘The Green Bicycle’ in which a green bicycle, decorated with fresh flowers carried meaningful slogans like ‘Grow Greenery’ etc was moved in each class to spread awareness.

Classes VIII, IX and X acted as responsible citizens. Their enthusiasm helped one and all in serving the purpose to its best. Power-Point Presentation was done on:

1. Vanishing Vultures: The topic emphasized that the usage of anti-biotics in livestock is causing the vultures to vanish and is disturbing their habitat.
2. Say ‘No’ to polybags.
3. Depletion of ozone layer
4. Global warming

Group-discussions were held and teachers ensured that all queries were fed with suitable answers. Quiz competition on ‘Save Environment’ was conducted. Vermiculture area and organic garden were shown to students in which they learned about the technique of Solid Waste Management and advantages of using organic compost and organic vegetables. Counting of trees was done in the school premises in which students set up a target to plant fifty more trees. After the drive ‘Plant the Tree’, another thoughtful activity included a survey done on topic, ‘Low-cost culture is adversely affecting the health of environment’. The students imparted awareness about the cheap plastic goods and its negative impact on our environment. The students gave feed back forms among the residents of target area and a record of the responses given by the people was maintained. Last but not the least, Environment week turned out to be a fruitful event in the school’s endeavour towards a better tomorrow.

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