Parent Teacher Toolkit

Every child is unique. The impact of NATURE & NURTURE develops the child into an adult. onlineKHOJ will enable parents to understand their children better. The process is long and tedious……but worth the effort. After all, we all want our children to become happy and content humans.

The youth of every nation is its critical human resource. A nation that harnesses this resource to its optimum will benefit the most. OnlineKHOJ hopes to reach all parents and teachers alike…..the overall objective being to enable and empower every child, every youngster to realise their true potential in life.

Not only that…..once the true calling has been identified the real challenge is to harness it for a noble cause.

So, our journey will begin right from the time a child enters school…..and shall continue till the true calling is identified.

Two critical components of this journey will be parents and teachers. Both have an invaluable role in developing children as also guiding the youth. Beyond them peer groups are important in the sense that they more often than not determine the direction that the growing and evolving mind will take.

Being a parent and a teacher I would like to share my work through this web publication. Besides, as a Squash Coach I am very keen to show how there exists a direct relationship between physical and mental development. Children need to be encouraged to take up games and sports at an early age. Parents have a direct role to play in this regard.

Attributes like concentration, alertness, reflexes, mental ability, mind-body co-ordination, strength, stamina, speed etc can be pro-actively developed in children by involving them in sports. The fine arts like music and dance are also helpful…..but I feel every child must be involved in physical sport as part of child development. This is important since sports teach you discipline from the very start. And since children love to play games, the process of inculcation of discipline begins to happen slowly and steadily…..and silently!!

This resource will lead parents and teachers on to very interesting food for thought….and hopefully would lead to practical action.

Through the Parent-teacher toolkit we will present different ways by which important issues in child education and development may be addressed. These sub-menu's will be regularly updated in order to provide practical and effective information to these care-givers.

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