Every creation works on fundamentals. If these fundamentals are rooted in sound principles based on harmony, logic and compassion then the creativity that flows leads to stability and sustainability.

REACHA has been working at these ‘roots’ since 1992. In the process it has evolved models of development that seek to set the fundamentals of social dynamics on track wherever they are in play within its sphere of activity. The modules often act as plug-ins to the existing system — making it more vibrant and responsive to the ’felt needs.’


Once ownership of these dynamics is taken up by the communities through sustained activism, positive social change takes place.

REACHA has developed successful models in some of the core human domains:

  • Agriculture
  • Rural Development
  • Education
  • Health and Family Welfare
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Energy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Youth Sensitisation
  • Community Mobilisation

These models are up and running in different parts of the country. They are being scaled-up as well as replicated to increase the spread of goodwill.

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