Sample Khoj Jan 08

Try out our sample……….!! Hope it excites you? Answers are at the bottom of this web page.

Khoj Questions

1. Which national agency is NRSA? What is its website?

2. What does CVD stand for? What is the estimated number of Indians suffering from it? When is the World Heart Day celebrated?

3. What is the difference between an agnostic & an atheist?

4. What are the prime factors responsible for the urban phenomena of ‘road rage’ amongst Indians, especially in big cities?

a) heavy traffic
b) lack of road sense and traffic discipline
c) honking
d) broad roads

i) a and b
ii) b and c
iii) a, b, c and d
iv) a, b and c

5. How can monuments & public places be made user friendly for the disabled & visually challenged?

6. What is a straw poll? Where is it often used?

7. What are the main symptoms of Dengue & Chikungunia spread by the Aedes mosquito? How best can these be managed?

8. What is the total approximate tiger population left in the world? What % of this lies in India?
a) 5000 to 7000 in the world; 55% of this lies in India
b) 4000 to 6000 in the world; 45% of this lies in India
c) 9000 to 11000 in the world; 65% of this lies in India
d) 5000 to 7000 in the world; 85% of this lies in India

i) a
ii) a, b and c
iii) b and c
iv) none of the above

9. What are the main reasons for the steady decline in tiger population world-over?
a) poaching & smuggling of body parts
b) expanding human habitat
c) depletion of food chain & deforestation
d) non existence of conservation programmes

i) a and b
ii) a and c
iii) a, b and c
iv) b and d

10. What have been cited as the main reasons for the ineffectiveness of conservation programmes for tigers by the Conference of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)?

a) lack of funding
b) lack of political will & weak law enforcement
c) lack of awareness amongst the masses
d) none of these

i) a
ii) c and d
iii) a and c
iv) b

11. Which company uses the corporate slogan “The Power To Manage. Anything. Anywhere.”?

12. Expand the acronym: CHAT (used commonly over the Internet).

13. What do cartographers make?

14. What food flavouring is derived from the orchid?

15. What do we call a female fox?

16. What scans the surface of a CD when it is playing?

17. Under which Cambodian King was the famous Angkor Wat temple built? The temple is dedicated to which Hindu deity?

18. Which is the largest inland body of water? How does it maintain its level despite the fact that it has no water outlet and many rivers flow into it?

19. A new bird species was recently found in India after almost 50 years. Name it? Where was it discovered?

20. Name the natural water-fall – 1.6km across – which derives its name from a local language phrase that means – ‘smoke that thunders.’ Also name the river on which this fall is situated?

Check out the answers. We hope you DID TRY to explore them yourself!

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