Students Counselling

Sustained Counselling for Class XI and XII students is being taken up. The students are requested to fill up the counselling form. Click here

This counselling will focus on…..

1. Creation of a data-bank of every child. This would include:
Social, economic and cultural background of the family.
Childs detailed behavioral assessment in school, and at-home environment
Academic performance in classroom situation
Social acceptability of the child in peer-group
Extra-curricular interests
Career guidance

2. For parents:
Techniques for redressal of parent-child conflicts
Appropriate balance between study, play, diet and sleep for their child
Assessment of inherent talents and aptitudes of children
Techniques for skill development in their child – mental skills, communication skills, artistic pursuits, conceptual skills and appropriate physical activities.
Scientific approach towards homework completion
Planning & time management for homework, exam preparation & examinations
Performance enhancement in examinations
Rectification of behavioral distortions
Choice of appropriate extra-curricular activities
Inculcation of discipline
Inculcation of an eco-friendly aptitude
Inculcation of values like compassion, friendliness, non-judgment, courage, confidence, responsibility, honesty and right comprehension through daily practice of extra-curricular activities i.e. “learning by doing”.
Conflict resolution between parents – with special emphasis on its impact on child psychology

3. Detailed feedback to concerned teachers in school on the basis of above assessments

4. Workshops for parents on issues concerning children

5. Feedback to parents on the basis of various assessments and counseling sessions, to enable a COMPLETE understanding of every child

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