The Means

We shall 'reach out' to school and college students, teachers, and parents through the online Khoj programme. There will be the following target activities:

  1. Monthly khoj quiz - that will be uploaded on this site. It will not be the run-of-the-mill quizzes that we are generally used to. The khoj quiz will challenge as well as sensitise the inquisitive & creative mind to seek solutions to everyday problems that we face - climate change, over populated metros, waste accumulation, traffic chaos etc
  2. Khoj workshops - LIVE KHOJ - will be organised in schools every now and then. Here school & college teams would be moderated by REACHA volunteers to perform learning-by-doing activities that will train them to succeed in the objectives of khoj
  3. Online forums will be evolved - to discuss and debate these issues
  4. Online advocacy will be gradually fostered in order to positively impact state policy
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